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Gouvernance and Local developpement Survey, Tunisia, Marsh 2015

This data comes from a Survey implemented in Tunisia in Marsh 2015 about Gouvernance and Local developpement. It was implemented in 18 municipalities and the interviewers were performed using Tablets via the software SurveyToGo. 

Thanks to the Shiny app below you can explore the statistics if the whole data according to the factors: gender, municipality, age and social class. Since the samples are small in each municipality (200 observations in each municipality) we had prefered to use a Baysian Estimation for the frequency in order to give a better control of the variance. 

i manager of this Survey. It was implemented with the help of MAZAM a local start up company in Tunisia specialized in organizing Events and Surveys. 

This Survey was funded by Moulay Hicham Foundation, Swedish Research Council, Yale University, Carnegie Corporation of New York. To learm more about the GLD program visit the wesite: