Carnegie Middle East Governance and Islam
 Data Set

The Carnegie Middle East Governance and Islam Dataset was created by Professor Mark Tessler of the University of Michigan. He received valuable assistance from Carolina G. de Miguel and Michael Robbins, at the time doctoral students at the University of Michigan. The project received generous support from the Islamic Scholars Program of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The dataset includes both individual-level and country-level variables. Data on individual-level variables are drawn from 56 surveys carried out in fifteen Arab countries, Turkey and Iran. The country, year, and the number of respondents in each survey Taken together, a total of 82,489 men and women were surveyed. Almost all of the surveys involved face-to- face interviews.

The Shiny App below built with the R Software below permits you to explore each variable of the dataset according to the variable's Year, Country and Survey Source. The user will be able to make percentage distribution table of the selected variable according to these factors.

You can also download the codebook   and the whole raw dataset  (RData file) kindly provided by Professor Tessler.